The Healthiest Cup Of Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? And how can this oh-so-full of benefits cherry pit generate so much controversy among health nuts? If you look at its antioxidant properties, it is obvious that coffee loves us back...Could it be possible we're just not getting the most out of it? Wildcrafter went on the quest for the healthiest cup of coffee...

Coffee is everywhere.

Whether as a mandatory act of self-care in a morning ritual, as part of a catch-up chat between friends, or as the light that pulls you through the Thursday afternoon meeting, it’s a hard one to say no to. And for a good reason: coffee contains many phytochemicals, antioxidants and other nutrients that research has shown as beneficial to our bodies. The daily cup of joe can be linked to energy boosts, sharper intellect, higher performance, fat burning, and protection against heart disease, stroke, diabetes II, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, liver deterioration, and depression. It’s no surprise that coffee ranks highest source of antioxidants in the western diet.

However, hot-brewed coffee isn’t your best option, as it can cause acid reflux or heartburn, accelerate tooth decay and lower the body’s pH, which leads to a vast array of health concerns. Luckily, cold brewed coffee altogether avoid these issues: according to a study done by Toddy, cold-brewed coffee is 67 percent less acidic than hot-brewed. The health benefits are still present, but the discomfort isn’t.

How many people have you heard saying that they wished coffee could taste as good as it smells? Well, cold-brewing does a lot to close the smell-taste gap, and to understand this, one needs to look at the chemistry of coffee: exposing grounds to hot water releases oils that don’t dissolve at lower temperatures. These oils are full of acidic compounds that enhance coffee’s acidity, and give it its famous bitter bite. Additionally, along with that bite comes acid-shock, which desensitizes the taste buds and makes it difficult to perceive the subtle nuances in coffee’s flavor. No wonder so many people load it with milk and sugar.

So, not only is cold brewed coffee better for you, but it also tastes better: the undertones of chocolate, fruit, and nuts jump to the forefront, and you can really begin geeking out on the differences between single origin beans. Another plus is that the flavor of cold-brewed coffee does not change over time. As it has never been hot, it’s chemistry doesn’t change as it cools, and the flavor is locked in.

Additionally, the process of making cold-brewed coffee is fairly simple, and since it doesn’t go stale as quickly as hot-brewed, big batches that will stay fresh for a good 10 days after brewing. This brings the ease of your morning coffee to a whole new level. - And God knows that before the first cup, ease is mandatory. -            And if you miss the heat and steam of your morning cup, just add hot water to a highly concentrated cold brew.

Last but not least, the money you will save up on expensive coffee machines and capsules can be invested in buying high quality, freshly roasted (less than 2 week old), organic and fair trade coffee. Conventional coffee crops are the most sprayed crops, and are linked to a lot of dirty, unfair labor.  By investing in organic coffee you do your health, your taste buds and the small coffee farmers a big favor.

So the story goes like this: Wildcrafter went on a quest for the healthiest cup of coffee, and they found it. It was cold brewed. Organic. Freshly roasted. Straight up godly. And everybody lived wired ever after.




Skin Care From The Inside Out

Skin Care From The Inside Out

In the last decades, we have witnessed an explosion of the skin care and cosmetic industry. The deterioration of our environment and diet afflicts people of all ages, and the demand for skin solutions keeps increasing. But, as our vanity cabinets crumble under the weight of half-full moisturizers, anti-aging or acne-clearing products, we are forced to recognize that for the most part, using topical skin care is as effective as trying to revive a dry plant by spraying some water on its droopy leaves.

Skincare From The Inside Out